Well !! It's finally up and running (April 19, 2009). Not an easy task, given the bugs in Internet Explorer and the vagaries by which the various web browsers interpret and display standard .html code.

The primary motivating force behind the creation of this website has been to build a system of "cookie-cutter" websites which (a) display a fixed header at the top of the screen and fixed navigational menus on the left AND (b) don't use of any of that "super-slow" java script. Truly an odyssey.

The first initial (and fairly major) hurdle was to overcome the bug in Internet Explorer (versions 6 and earlier) which fails to properly interpret and display standard "fixed element" code. In that regard, I wish to thank Stuart Nicholls for his inspirational insight into the solution to the problem. Playing one IE bug against another seems to have solved the problem. Those who are curious can click this link to see Stuart Nicholls' solution and read the code by which fixed elements are accomplished in Internet Explorer. (Note: Clicking the link will open into a new browser window. To return to this website, simply close or minimize that window.)

Several improvements were made to Nicholls' code which were necessary in order to display the fixed element full left to right in Internet Explorer without all kinds of other unwanted side-effects coming into play. Anyway, I think it works. Feel free to use the code if you find it helpful.

A number of other pages have been added, containing bits and pieces of other miscellaneous information I've accumulated along the way. Hopefully, you may find some of it useful.

— Rich Lang