Have you ever wanted to know the 37th root of 4,292? Or perhaps the 93rd root of 10? Here's a calculator that you won't find anywhere else which can accomplish all those esoteric tasks:

Nth Root Calculator

The Calculator grew out of my work with present value formulas, combined with a class I had taken in Visual Basic. The Calculator is written in Visual Basic and runs in Windows. (Probably won't run on a Mac—but I really don't know for sure.)

Download and Install:

Click the link below to download the Nth Root Calculator. It can be installed to any location on your hard drive. If you like, create a shortcut to it at a location convenient to you.

Download Nth Root Calculator (20 Kb)

The Calculator should run on any Windows machine. But that assumes that your Windows operating system has the standard msvbvm60.dll file installed. If not, the Calculator won't run all by itself. If you can't get the Calculator to work on Windows, download the below copy of msvbvm60.dll and install the .dll file into your \Windows\system32\ folder (or \system\ folder—whichever folder is used by your Windows system).

Download msvbvm60.dll (1.32 MB)


Simply enter the numbers to be calculated into the appropriate text boxes in the upper equation and click Calculate. The answer will appear to the right of the equal sign, above the Calculate button. The answer will also appear to the left of the equal sign in the lower equation. When you click Proof, the answer will be multiplied by itself n times—proving the answer to be correct. Clicking the Clear button or the Close button do just what they say they will do.

I haven't yet figured out any useful purpose for this thing. But it does work.

— Rich Lang