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"The Country of the Blind" - H.G. Wells' 1904 story providing an amazing insight into the human condition.

Notable Quotes - Notable quotations having exceptional social and political insight and significance.

World's Best Brownies - Recipes for making the world's best brownies.

Tucson Attractions - Places to go and things to do and see in and around Tucson, Arizona.

Arizona Wineries - A listing of all the wineries in the State of Arizona.

Nth Root Calculator - Download a calculator which can calculate the Nth root of any number.

IBM ThinkPad Repair - How to troubleshoot and solve the problem of a "blank LCD screen" on IBM ThinkPad notebook computers.

IBM ThinkPad Repair - Discussion of issues relating to the use of the "ThinkPad CE Utility Diskette" and the "ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette" on IBM ThinkPad notebook computers.